projectMENTOR - Project Art
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projectMENTOR 2024


Exhibition Dates

Fri, May 10th – Sun, May 26th


About the Program

ProjectMENTOR pairs Wimberley area students in grades 7-12 with professional artists for a semester-long apprenticeship.


Students experience the creative process from conception to sale, learning both the business and creation aspects of being a working artist.


Work sessions are typically held January-April, resulting in an end-of-program art exhibition accompanied by an opening reception, held in early May.


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Program Overview

1. ProjectART Wimberley will open projectMENTOR up to student applications in November 2024 for the spring 2025 program. Student selections will be made with budget, transportation, and availability considerations in mind, however, student enthusiasm, great communication, and a strong commitment to the program goals are qualities we will especially seek out.


2. Student and mentor artists will aim to have at least 6 work sessions together at the mentor artist’s studio between January and April 2025. These sessions will be held outside of the school day and the student artist’s guardian agrees to be responsible for chaperoning the work sessions as well as transportation to and from the artist’s studio. Should transportation be an obstacle, please reach out and we’ll make accommodations, if possible.


3. Work sessions will include sharing information about how artists get ideas and make creative decisions, how art is made, and how they price and sell their work.


4. Typically, two works of art will be created in these sessions: one to be kept by the student artist and one to be provided to projectART Wimberley on or before April 30, 2024 for the projectMENTOR gallery show. Proceeds from the art sales benefit projectART and ARTSPACE and help fund future programming.


5. Upon completion of the program, student artists agree to provide projectART with a written statement about working with their mentor artist and what they gained from the experience.


6. Upon completion, mentor artists agree to provide projectART with a written statement about working with their student artists and what they gained from the experience. They also agree to submit wall label information for the art show (name, title, date, medium, etc.).

Responsibilities of Participating Parties

projectART Wimberley

  • Provide a stipend of  up to $200 per student artist to each mentor artist
  • Provide insurance for mentor artists’ studios and background checks for each mentor artist
  • Recruit student & mentor artists
  • Photos, publicity and organization of gallery art show
  • Safely store student work until the exhibition
  • Communicate with all parties, resolve issues and help everyone stay on schedule


Art Teachers

  • Help provide program information to students
  • Collect all permissions (program permission & photo release) from participating students
  • Publicize end of program art exhibition to parents and students, attend art show


Mentor Artists

  • Complete a background check with projectART Wimberley
  • Coordinate work sessions with student artist and their guardians (goal = 2 completed student artworks)
  • Provide studio location, supplies, and tools (alternate studio space available, if needed)
  • Be an active participant in guiding the student artist through their work sessions, sharing personal experience as a professional artist, and how to take a creative idea from conception to sale
  • Turn one completed student project to projectART Wimberley by May 1, 2024 (with title and description of media)
  • Mentor artists may contribute one work of art for the gallery exhibition as well (option for sale)
  • Contribute a written statement about working with their student artist and what they gained from the experience
  • Attend the art exhibition opening reception



  • Read and understand all program information, then return permission slip AND photo release (fully completed)
  • Coordinate work sessions and transportation with the mentor artist; ensure student artist attends all work sessions
  • Respond to communication from mentor artist or projectART within 24 hours
  • Pick up the student artist from all work sessions on time or stay during the work sessions as a chaperone
  • Attend the art exhibition opening reception


Student Artists

  • Coordinate work sessions and transportation with the mentor artist
  • Attend all work sessions and participate actively in the creative process
  • Respond to communication from Mentor Artist or projectART within 24 hours
  • Participate in interviews, photo and video sessions as requested
  • Provide one work of art to projectART to be auctioned as a fundraiser for projectMENTOR
  • Attend the art show opening reception on May 10, 2024
  • Contribute a written statement about working with their Mentor Artist and what they gained from the experience.