House Party - Project Art
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House Party

Saturday, September 30th 2023, House Party, the inaugural show at projectART’s ARTSPACE location will open to the public.


House Party, is a contemporary still life exhibition, showcasing 16 artists who carry on the tradition of depicting everyday scenes through drawing and painting or who reimagine everyday objects through materials and processes. The work in this show covers a wide range of interpretations from realistic to abstract to symbolic and transformative.


“For our opening exhibition, we wanted to put on a big show with a lot of artists and a welcoming feeling. We landed on the still life theme to deliver a ‘welcome to our new home’ type of atmosphere. These 16 artists all create imagery and objects that play with ideas of the home, the domestic, or the everyday, in a range of different media and styles, and all have ties to Central Texas.” adds Jules Buck Jones, Head Curator at projectART Wimberley.


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Meet Our Artists

Lana Waldrep Appl, Ellen Berman, Joey Fauerso, Lauren Moya Ford, Raul Rene Gonzalez, Tamara Johnson, Drew Liverman, Michelle Marchesseault, Sarah Murphy, Bradley Petersen, Rebeca Proctor, Andy Rihn, Anthony Sonnenberg, Sarah Stellman, Dan Sutherland, Michael Villarreal