Press Release | March 4, 2024 - Project Art
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Press Release | March 4, 2024


projectART Wimberley



projectART Wimberley Opens, Solar / Lunar, at ARTSPACE

The Solar / Lunar exhibition opens ahead of the 2024 total solar eclipse.


Wimberley, Texas: projectART Wimberley today announced the March 9, 2024 opening of its fourth exhibition, Solar / Lunar, at ARTSPACE (111 River Road, Suite 100, Wimberley, TX 78666). The opening reception will be held from 5-7pm; the show will be on display through April 21, 2024. This milestone is a major move for projectART on its mission to support art education and provide creative opportunities for the youth of Wimberley.


“Our openings are filled with this unbelievable energy.” says Bregan Ford, Executive Director at projectART Wimberley. “They’re one of the most important things we do. For a couple of hours, in the middle of the Hill Country, we witness the intergenerational exchange of wisdom and experiences, connectedness, and just a general feeling of happiness.”


ARTSPACE is proud to present Solar / Lunar, a show of artwork that depicts, suggests, or references the sun, the moon, or our expected guest, the eclipse. With a total Solar Eclipse scheduled to grace Central Texas, Wimberley, and surrounding areas this spring, ARTSPACE is celebrating this momentous event by showcasing a range of artwork that draws inspiration from these celestial objects and events. Solar / Lunar showcases 9 artists who use cosmic imagery and themes through photography, video, drawing, sculpture, and collage.


Solar / Lunar Artists:

Elizabeth Chiles, Cameron Coffman, scott b. davis, Bethany Johnson, Annie May Johnston, Jules Buck Jones, Rebecca Marino, Virginia L. Montgomery, and Matt Rebholz.


This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the organization, including:


  • The grand opening of ARTSPACE, a mixed-use arts education and gallery space, in the heart of downtown Wimberley
  • The roll out of low to no cost K-12 weekly art classes, summer camps
  • The 3rd Annual projectMENTOR Show & Reception (which raised nearly $5,000)
  • A partnership with Wimberley ISD’s for-credit Practicum program
  • A donation of $5,075.08 in art supplies made to Wimberley schools


It’s been humbling to witness the growth of projectART over the last few years. Due to our unprecedented community support, ARTSPACE is no longer just a goal, it’s a reality; we offer contemporary art exhibits and programming like projectMENTOR, art classes, and practicum opportunities for students in the area. I couldn’t be more proud of our work and the one of a kind experiences we’ve been able to provide the students here. Keep an eye on us at projectART, we are on fire!” Heather Carter, founding member at projectART Wimberley.


Learn more about projectART, ARTSPACE, and Solar / Lunar. Learn more about the opening event.


About projectART Wimberley:

ProjectART Wimberley is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving the small, rural community of Wimberley, Texas. We were founded in the fall of 2019 by a group of impassioned parents and art educators sharing the belief that improved access to art education and other creative opportunities could positively impact the lives of Wimberley’s youth. With that, our mission, to support art education and provide creative opportunities for the youth of Wimberley, was born.